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Disruptive Behaviors ... The Rippling Effect
Check out our brand new course for nursing home administrators! When residents with dementia begin to exhibit aggression, what do you do? This course will help you understand which diseases of the brain tend to lead to this "surprise ending" as the disease progresses. Be prepared to help your staff deal with the resulting confusing and intimidating behaviors before they become a major problem for your facility. Be aware of the risks you may be taking when making admission decisions. Learn the best way to care for your residents who have dementia, spot the triggers for agitation and become adept at diffusing the behavior before it escalates out of control. Ethics
SKU: 147-I
FOR: Administrators
TYPE: Online Course

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PRICE: $72.00

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Accepted for California P Credit

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"This is a wonderful way to complete CEU's" - Paul G. Minnesota


Generation Me
New! Learn how to attract and retain Millennials. Fragile, Handle With Care! Learn how to push the right buttons in your favor and how to help this generation of "twenty somethings" fit into a LTC setting. Receive the book: "Managing the Millennials."
SKU: 177
FOR: Administrators
TYPE: Book
CEU: 12 Hours Free Shipping
PRICE: $190.00

Lifelines for Alzheimer's Residents
A new approach for keeping Alzheimer’s residents connected emotionally to this world. Receive the book: "Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade." Ethics
SKU: 179
FOR: Administrators
TYPE: Book
CEU: 6 Hours Free Shipping
PRICE: $96.00
  For Administrators. Activity Professionals must call to place an order.

Veterans are coming your way. Are you ready? This course will give you a better understanding of short term and long term PTSD and offer some strategies for helping residents and staff cope. Receive the book "Tribe". Ethics
SKU: 178
FOR: Administrators
TYPE: Book
CEU: 10 Hours Free Shipping
PRICE: $160.00
  For Administrators. 

The Realities of Aging
Stay abreast of what may become a new paradigm for end of life care. Includes the New York Times bestseller, "Being Mortal". What are some realistic hopes and treatments for our frail elderly? Dr. Atul Gwande openly evaluates where Doctors, and medicine have gone awry. He brings some interesting predictions for health care when the Baby Boomers become our residents. Ethics.
SKU: 171
FOR: Administrators
TYPE: Book
CEU: 15 Hrs Free Shipping
PRICE: $240.00

Accepted for CA  P Credit


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"Your courses are applicable to what is happening in our work, our personal life, and our community."
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