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SKU:  147-I 6 Hours
Disruptive Behaviors ... The Rippling Effect
Check out our brand new course for nursing home administrators! When residents with dementia begin to exhibit aggression, what do you do? This course will help you understand which diseases of the brain tend to lead to this "surprise ending" as the disease progresses. Be prepared to help your staff deal with the resulting confusing and intimidating behaviors before they become a major problem for your facility. Be aware of the risks you may be taking when making admission decisions. Learn the best way to care for your residents who have dementia, spot the triggers for agitation and become adept at diffusing the behavior before it escalates out of control. Ethics
Price: $72.00

SKU:  139-I
Religion 101
Ever wonder what Muslims believe, or why Christian Scientist's refuse medical treatment? Be prepared should you have a resident of these faiths: Islam, Hinduism, Christian Science, and Judaism. This online course will provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure that respect and dignity are given to those of the four faiths discussed. The goal of this course is to prepare health care providers to deliver appropriate and sensitive care in accordance with the resident’s religious beliefs and practices. Ethics
Price: $60.00

SKU:  140-I
Religion 102
Learn the basic beliefs of the two religions Mormonism and Buddhism. Include dietary, end of life care needs, and other considerations that nursing home and health care facilities need to know. Ethics
Price: $60.00

SKU:  144-I
Falls Update
Course being updated based on new federal regulations ( For Nursing Administrators: Know your high risk residents. Learn what to do to reduce injury, decrease risk of litigation, and tips to eliminate falls. Ethics
Price: $72.00

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